In symbiosis with Mount Athos, we are committed to protect the living and the biodiversity of the mountain. Since inception, Athonites respect and care for the 1453 different species and at least 34 endemic ones living on this holy mountain. But moreover, we are fully dedicated to minimize our impact on our planet at every step: from the early stages of development to the final delivery of our products

Ingredients from Mount Athos


Responsibly harvested & hand picked
Water from natural springs
Certified organic cultivations
Organic and natural extracts


"We pick our ingredients by hand"

We collect our ingredients by hand, in a fully traditional way, with great respect for the purity of the land and the different species. There is no pressure on the herb’s circle of life. We harvest when the time is right to obtain the best quality extract and to maintain all the beneficial ingredients of the plant. The extraction is done exclusively at the Monastery, using extra virgin olive oil and natural glycerin as solvents. To ensure maintenance of all beneficial ingredients of the herbs, extractors temperature does not exceed 70 °C



"All cultivations are certified as organic"

Our herbs are wild harvested or cultivated according to the Good Agricultural Practice, grown on the purest soil and fully traceable at each step.

All cultivations are certified as organic by renowned organizations such as BioHellas

We only use organic-composted manure, free of synthetic chemicals and pathogenic bacteria

The water used on the organic cultivations comes from the natural springs of Mount Athos with a conductivity level that favors herbal growth. It is always filtered and tested for pesticide residues, chemicals, heavy metals or microbial contamination

Protecting Wildlife, all our crops and cultivations are well fenced, without affecting the surrounding environment and avoiding any depredation



"We create our own water for our formulations"

We replace the water in our formulas by an aqueous infusion of a unique blend of 5 Athonite herbs organically certified and wild harvested, carefully chosen for their strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that enhance the anti-pollution and anti-ageing action of each formulation

The water used for the infusion comes from the natural springs of Mount Athos

Herbal mix composed of:
- Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf
- Vitis Vinifera Leaf
- Plantago major Leaf/Stem
- Calendula officinalis Flower
- Sideritis Sp. Flower/Leaf/Stem



"Pure, Natural and Organic Ingredients"

In our formulas, you will find Mount Athos herbs and plants that are either organically cultivated or wild harvested. Their oily extracts are organically certified, using extra virgin olive oil as solvent

We replace water with our aqueous infusion of a unique blend of 5 Athonite herbs

When better for the skin or the environment, we add selected, certified and ethically sourced active biotech cosmetic ingredients. We eliminate synthetic ingredients to best possible extent, always trying to find a natural alternative to ensure safety, stability & efficacy of the product

We add only natural preservative systems: 100% pure and natural origin preservative validated by COSMOS for the oil based formulas & 99,6% natural origin for the water-based formulas

We use multi-functional ingredients, such as the 100% pure and natural preservative with raspberry ketones that has proven skin benefits and improves skin biology

We use only natural perfumes or essential oils (lavender, mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, helichrysum). If better for the formula, we choose not to add any, like for example in our Anti-redness Soothing Care cream

All our foamy formulas contain mild sulfate-free detergents

We offer clean formulas free from paraben, sulfates, phthalates, GMO, toxins, fillers, mineral oils, petroleum, petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, silicones, artificial colors, artificial fragrances ***SEE MORE LIST

Evaluated by aCert for using 84 to 100 % natural origin ingredients. Almost all our formulas have received both natural and organic certifications for cosmetic products

All formulas are dermatologically tested and developed by leading chemists and pharmacists

There is transparency in our product labelling: We indicate percentage of natural origin ingredients and extracts coming from Mount Athos or organic farming


No animal ingredients except bee products*
Natural fragrances Natural preservatives
Cruelty-free brand with no test on animals**
Made in Greece

*Organic chestnut honey, organic beeswax and propolis
**Formally prohibited by European Union regulations since 2004


"Reducing our environmental impact"

In symbiosis with Mount Athos, we are committed to protecting the living. We do this by :

Respecting the cycle of nature and the seasons for selective harvesting. Our purpose is to use only available ingredients and produce in small quantities

Made in Greece: In one of the leading and oldest manufacturing industries based in Athens since 1864, and following the directions of ISO 9001:2015

Recycle always: More than 95% of our packaging is today either fully or partially recyclable and are working hard to reach 100% the soonest. We use:
- glass and aluminum for our primary packaging
- recyclable PET to ensure safety and functionality
- craft paper for our secondary packaging
- recycled paper for delivery boxes
- QR codes instead of leaflets

Our company headquarters follow “green building” architecture design to minimize environmental impact

Our next commitment for the near future: Partner with reputable organizations and develop educational projects for the protection of the precious living


ISO 22716 Cosmetic GMP and ISO 22000 for Food Safety – Approved by the National Organization for Medicines, the certified Monastery Lab follows strict quality control on raw materials, herbs and extracts as well as on production processes

Organic certification – Accredited BioHellas certifies as organic all our herbs and cultivations

Highly effective formulations – Our R&D department collaborates closely with the Agricultural University of Athens to ensure that selected active herbal extracts from Mount Athos plants and herbs are used to produce our highly effective formulations

Botanical analysis – We collaborate with the Center for Research and Technology Hellas for botanical identification and analysis of all herbs, extracts and seeds.

Authenticity – We work with specialized spinoff companies which operate under the auspices of CERTH, like Mobase, for the establishment of the origin and authenticity of the molecular (DNA) identification of the herbal species

Product testing – We collaborate with certified labs for cosmetic testing (accredited with ISO17025 & ISO9001) which provide regulatory and GDPR compliance for our cosmetic products personal care testing

High-quality production process – To ensure consistent high-quality production process, we partner with one of the oldest, leading and accredited by the National Organization for Medicines cosmetic manufacturing industries in Greece, based in Athens since 1864