Cultivation with the Intelligence of Nature and the Power of Science

Cultivation with the Intelligence of Nature and the Power of Science

Trends in the cosmetics and skincare products market are changing very quickly. New innovations, new regulatory frameworks and rules for Sustainability  but mainly new needs reposition brands in the "fan" of choices of a more sophisticated, more mature and more aware Consumer.  

A new landscape emerges for Beauty and Skin, starring natural and organic products. A new "family" of cosmetics, friendlier, more natural, stronger, more mature, more compatible with the dictates of the Climate Crisis, sustainable farming and ecological packaging, which re-introduces us and reconnects us with the Earth and Nature.   

Indeed, natural cosmetics are gaining ground thanks to their special characteristics and a series of unique comparative advantages: The non-negotiable utilization of natural ingredients, the certification of the scientific community, ecologically designed packaging, good agricultural practices, waste management and the elimination of gender roles, etc.

Today, it is obvious that the Climate Crisis leads to the "one-way street" of protecting Nature, the careful utilization of raw materials and the sustainable supply of raw materials (plants and water).

Combined with sustainability and transparency, this new "movement" in the field of Cosmetics and Care products aims to support local communities, where the raw materials are pumped and not where the Consumer is. The trend of choosing cosmetics with low impact on the Environment and better performance extends to skin care. As the Consumer matures and focuses on quality and effectiveness rather than quantity, it avoids conventional cosmetics with chemical ingredients and seeks the alternatives of natural and organic cosmetics with low impact, allergen labeling, documentation of green claims and sustainable production certifications. Careful cultivation of plants for the production of natural cosmetics, avoids the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, does not pollute the air and water through wastewater and does not burden in the least the chain of operations of harvesting raw materials, which is done by natural means.

It now seems that we are beginning to realize that the skin, being the largest organ of our body, is as important as the rest and needs careful and responsible care. Natural cosmetics are better for skin health. Quite simply because they use Nature and not Chemistry i.e. parabens, ethanolamines, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors and preservatives.

Nature, in the DNA of the Athonites

For centuries Mount Athos has been associated with both the tradition of monastic life and the miracle of Nature. It is, without a doubt, one of the most unique locations on the planet, thanks to its rich and absolutely unaltered Nature: Dense forests, olive groves, vineyards and thousands of species of herbs and flowers. With its ecosystem preserved for more than 1,200 years, Mount Athos has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the NATURA 2000 network: The most ambitious ecological program of the EU for the preservation of the rich natural heritage of the Athonite peninsula, preventing and prohibiting any use of pesticides or conventional forms of agriculture. The monks live in harmony with the natural environment, working together to preserve the wild character of the mountains with respect to Mother-Nature. Each herb, leaf or flower is a unique masterpiece that is observed, adored and collected with diligence and respect. It is then stored in strictly controlled conditions to protect its fine and pure natural ingredients.

At Athonites we harness the high intelligence of Nature and the power of Science to soften the signs of time, repair and  protect our skin. Our history and commitments guarantee responsible cultivating and harvesting methods as  we collect our herbs by hand  in a completely traditional way, with respect to the purity of the Earth and different species. These herbs complete their entire life cycle. Harvesting is done when it is the right time to obtain an extract of optimal quality and in order to preserve all the beneficial components of the plant. 

All cultivations are certified as organic

  • Our herbs are wild harvested or organically grown in the purest soil, according to Good Agricultural Practice, and are fully detectable at every step
  • All cultivations are certified as organic by renowned organizations such as BioHellas
  • We use only organic manure, free from synthetic chemicals and pathogenic bacteria
  • The water used in the organic cultivations comes from the natural springs of Athos with a level of conductivity that favors the growth of herbs. Always filtered and checked for pesticide residues, chemicals, heavy metals or microbial contamination
  • Protecting wildlife, all our crops are well fenced, without affecting the Environment and to avoid any destruction.

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