Mount Athos is a unique gift of nature.

Declared as a Unesco World Heritage Site and part of NATURA 2000 network, this Greek peninsula is an exceptional wild heaven of natural and pristine beauty preserved and grown by centuries-old monasteries for nearly 1.200 years Only on Mount Athos is such an unspoiled relationship of humans with nature to be found.

Plants grow in the wild, but they are observed, cherished, and harvested by diligent and respectful hands The result is that flowers, leaves, herbs and natural water from Mount Athos springs provide the most outstanding natural ingredients We call our brand ‘Athonites’ with respect to Mount Athos’ herbs and plants and their incredible properties for care and cure Inspired by recipes found in 1200-year-old manuscripts and using those herbs and plants in perfect combination with complementary actives, our scientific experts have developed unique and efficient formulas with the sole purpose of offering the best health, the warmest glow and the overall wellness of the skin, face and body

Our formulas contain between 84% and 100% natural origin ingredients all evaluated and certified by European organizations according to General Regulations and International Standards All cultivations are certified as organic The water infused during the formulation comes from the natural springs of Mount Athos.

All Athonites’ formulas are tested under dermatological control on all skin types. They are 100% free from GMO, toxins, fillers, artificial colors and artificial fragrances We strictly follow the European Union cosmetic regulations, among the safest in the world All our processes, from the raw ingredient to the final packaging and delivery, are carried out with a constant sustainable approach Today Athonites offers everyone the natural force of Mount Athos herbs and plants to care and cure the skin.