The Right Hand Cream... it's up to You

The Right Hand Cream... it's up to You

Most people make a lot of tests and several mistakes in choosing a hand cream. They try several products but very rarely discover the ideal cosmetic product that keeps their hands smooth and hydrated and also works well with their sensitive skin. If despite the tests, the skin of the hands remains dry, chapped or irritated then it's time to discover the COMFORT AND RELIEVE HAND CREAM  of the Athonites’ line, a combination of different moisturizing and natural herbal extracts that act in synergy.

It is a hand cream with a light texture that is easily absorbed and becomes one with your skin for natural looking results, leaving it smooth and soft. It consists of 98.6% ingredients of natural origin and its composition combines rich moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant agents.

The combination of chestnut honey with the aqueous infusion of 5 certified herbs of organic farming and wild harvesting of plants and flowers from Mount Athos (calendula, rosemary, vine leaves, etc.), ensure nourishment and elasticity to the skin. Finally,  the hand cream of the Athonites’ line has a distinctive aroma of fragrant lavender and fresh notes of geranium.

It has a light texture, absorbs quickly, gives a silky feel while accompanied by botanical, green and floral notes. All natural: perfume, preservative and silicone alternative. Your hands... of course they will love it.

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