The Important Role of Natural and Organic Extracts from Mount Athos on the Skin

The Important Role of Natural and Organic Extracts from Mount Athos on the Skin

For many years plant extracts have been used for skin care. Today, consumers trust them 100%, due to their great nutritional properties and their beneficial effect on the skin. According to research, plant extracts are known for their powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, while protecting, moisturizing, soothing and rejuvenating the skin, offering firmness and radiance.

At Athonites we respect the ancient local "botanical history" and the traditional recipes of the region and we recognize the best ingredients in the plant kingdom of Mount Athos from which we extract key active ingredients, to create natural skin care products, using technologies that respect people and our environment. We produce very high quality pure natural and organic extracts and oils which are subject to rigorous testing in order to ensure stability and proven effectiveness.

In combination with certified, pure and rich active ingredients, we create formulas of high effectiveness.


Extraction at the place of cultivation

The extraction is done exclusively in a certified and approved laboratory by the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MEDICINES, using extra virgin olive oil and natural glycerin. To ensure the preservation of all beneficial components of herbs, the temperature of the extractors is closely monitored and does not exceed 70 °C.

We replace the water in our formulas with an aqueous infusion of a unique blend of 5 certified wild harvested and organically grown herbs, carefully selected for their powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and not only, properties that enhance the antioxidant and anti-aging action of each formula and protect the skin from oxidative stress.

The "arsenal" of Athonites in enhancing our products at the level of complementary active ingredients is very rich: Alkana oil, arnica extract, Cyan Centauria flower extract, Centella oil, helichrysum essential oil, helichrysum flower extract, jasmine wax, menthol, methyl salicylate, niacinamide, organic aloe vera, organic apricot kernel oil, organic beeswax, organic eucalyptus essential oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic peppermint essential oil, organic pomegranate oil, organic sesame oil, organic shea butter, panthenol, peptides, squalene, prebiotics, propolis, rosehip seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, turmeric oil, vitamin E and F, jojoba oil and cinnamon essential oil.


Natural preservatives and natural fragrances

We choose to add natural preservatives to all our formulas – 2 different preservatives depending on the formula:

  • 100% pure and natural origin preservative (Validated by Cosmos) added to all oil-based cosmetics which at the same time improves the biology of the skin. It has proven anti-inflammatory properties (after ex vivo study) and the ability to neutralize free radicals. Helps protect skin elasticity. It is a viable choice as it has a low environmental impact on supply and preparation of the raw material
  • 99.6% natural preservative added to all water-based formulas and consisting of natural and plant-based ingredients, which do not cause irritation, are mild and safe to use in personal care products
  • When our partners deem that it is better either for the skin or for the environment, we add selected, certified and ethically produced active biotechnological ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate. We always try to find a natural alternative to ensure its safety, stability and efficiency.
  • We use multi-functional ingredients, such as the 100% pure and natural preservative with raspberry ketones  that has proven benefits for the skin and improves the skin biology.
  • We use only natural flavors or essential oils (lavender, mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, helichrysum). If it is better for the composition, we choose not to add any, as for example is the case in our Anti-redness Soothing Care cream
  • All our foamy formulas contain mild and effective sulfate-free cleansing agents
  • We offer pure compositions without paraben, sulfates, phthalates, GMOs, toxins, fillers, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, silicones, artificial colors, artificial fragrances 
  • Certified natural and organic formulas by aCert with ingredients of natural origin from 84 to 100%
  • All formulations are dermatologically tested and developed by leading chemists and pharmacists
  • We provide transparency on the labels of our products: We report the exact percentage of natural origin ingredients, all the extracts that come from Mount Athos and also we highlight the ingredients that are coming from organic cultivations. 


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