Fitness and Sports: A New Beginning for the New Season

Fitness and Sports: A New Beginning for the New Season

Summer holidays are an opportunity for rest and relaxation, but also for more physical activity. The beach, walks in nature, swimming and other activities help us maintain our physical condition and improve our health. That's when we make the biggest promises to ourselves. That's when we give an appointment in September to take a walk every afternoon, nature weekend getaway, gym, Pilates and yoga sessions 2 times a week. When we return from vacation, it is important to chase our goals and to continue exercising. Physical exercise has many benefits for our health, both physically and mentally. It helps us maintain our weight, strengthen our muscles and bones, improve our cardiovascular health, reduce stress and take off our energy and good mood.

If we have not exercised systematically during the holidays, it is important to start gradually. We can start with 15-20 minutes of mild exercise and gradually increase its intensity and duration.

In addition to general exercise, it is a good opportunity to start a new sports hobby. Sport can help us meet new people, have fun and improve our mental health.

There are many different types of sports to choose from. It is important to choose a sport that we like, that suits our fitness level and that we can practice in a comfortable environment for us:

  • Start running or swimming
  • Join a gym
  • Find a team to play basketball, volleyball or football
  • Take dance lessons 
  • Engage in yoga or Pilates

Whatever we choose, the important thing is to start and stay on top of our goals. Physical activity is an investment in our own health and well-being. But sport and exercise also have their secrets. Attention needs to be paid to the bones, the muscular system and the heart. 

It is also important to have at our disposal products with muscle relief properties and repairing action: From the weights and friction they cause to our hands in the gym, from the "popping" caused by dancing on the legs, from the painful irritation that long distance running brings to the heels and chest.

 ATHONITES MULTICARE BALM  gives us the solution: It is an enhanced nourishing and repairing balm that offers deep nourishment thanks to its rich composition in Athonites’ herbs. It is an organic, "miraculous" balm with multiple beneficial effects on the health and appearance of the skin, with a unique ability to repair and protect the epidermal barrier, to deeply care for dehydrated, "cracked" skin, superficial wounds, scars, bruises and abrasions. 

The secret of its immediate and deep action lies in its ingredients of 99.3% natural origin and 77.6% organic such as plantago, mallow, St. John's wort, achillea, chamomile, organic beeswax, propolis, sodium hyaluronate, alkanna and centella extracts. It is naturally scented with cinnamon essential oil.

It suits very dry, dehydrated and cracked skin that peels to areas such as hands, elbows, ankles and heels. It offers immediate care in order to relieve and soothe after chemical and thermal burns and to offer care after dermatological treatments and tattoos.

Relaxing Body Balm for warm-up and muscle recovery

An equally valuable asset in our sports backpack is the ATHONITES RELAXING BODY BALM, a relaxing cream for tired muscles, muscle recovery after extreme training sessions and even during warm-up (CrossFit / Tennis / Football). It is an organic recipe ideal for hydration and relief of tired muscles. It gives them an instant cooling and refreshing sensation. It relaxes tense muscles and gives a sense of energy and well-being. It is based on healing plants and herbs from Mount Athos while its content in ingredients of natural origin reaches 96.7%.

Thanks to the unique combination of organic extract and eucalyptus essential oil with organic extract of mint and menthol, RELAXING BODY BALM of the Athonites series helps to eliminate physical tension.

In addition to relieving muscle aches and soreness, it helps reduce the symptoms of the common cold (nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, chest pain). The recipe of the scientific team of Athonites concentrated all the wisdom of Nature using ingredients such as eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, lavender, menthol and capsaicin adding an intense and spicy aroma with a forest aura. 

For muscle pain

Apply by massaging 2-3 times a day or as often as needed. Do not apply on chapped skin or near mucous membranes. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

For colds and headaches

- For cold symptoms apply a small amount to the chest area and rub to facilitate breathing during sleep. In case of nasal congestion, apply near the nose with a cotton swab and take a deep breath.

- In case of headache, massage the temples and forehead with the index fingers.


Cooling gel for heavy and tired legs

The ATHONITES HYDRATING COOLING LEG GEL is a moisturizing gel, rich in natural extracts from Mount Athos, enriched with active natural ingredients that instantly has a cooling and refreshing effect.

Its light texture is quickly absorbed and offers a long-lasting hydration and coolness effect. Soothes and  relieves the feet from the feeling of tiredness and discomfort caused by hiking, jogging, trekking or hiking.The gel also enhances blood microcirculation and reduces the feeling of discomfort  leaving the skin on the feet soft and hydrated. It is made from organic herbs such as ruscus, vine leaves, horse chestnut, cypress, organic lavender essential oil and has a natural aroma of organic lavender essential oils and rejuvenating mint.

How to use

Apply a small amount of gel to the calves and massage with upward movements to mid thighs until completely absorbed. Repeat up to three times a day or as needed. Wash hands well after use. Avoid any contact with eyes.

Useful Tips

- Use after a cool-water foot bath to enhance stress relief and cooling action.

- For very swollen feet and improvement of microcirculation, massage daily at the beginning and end of the day, or as often as needed, for better relief.