Wild Harvested and Unique Herbs and Plants from Mount Athos, the Raw Material of the Athonites

Wild Harvested and Unique Herbs and Plants from Mount Athos, the Raw Material of the Athonites

Our skin is a very sensitive organ. So before we proceed to the purchase of a cosmetic, we should be informed in depth about the ingredients and raw materials.

It should be made clear that by the term "natural cosmetics" we mean the cosmetic whose ingredients are of natural origin to the greatest extent. Attention! The fact that a cosmetic is characterized as natural, does not mean that it cannot contain chemical synthetic substances e.g. silicone! For this reason we must always read his label.

The term "natural cosmetics", of course, should not be confused with the term "natural cosmetics". Natural cosmetics are also natural but natural ones are not necessarily natural! Herbal cosmetics are those that have ingredients of plant origin (derived from plants and herbs). This category does not include cosmetics containing ingredients of animal origin.

Organic are natural cosmetics whose majority of ingredients have been cultivated, produced and certified according to international regulations on production methods and certifications of organic farming products. In addition, they do not contain any incriminated chemical active ingredient or excipient. 

Athonites, the unique herbs of Athos

Since their inception, Athonites have respected and ensured the preservation of the 1,453 different and at least 34 endemic species that live on this emblematic mountain. We carry out 100% responsible harvesting and collection by hand, we use water from natural springs, we have certified organic cultivations and all our extracts are natural and organic.

Herbs that star in our compositions:

Rosemary, vine leaves, plantago, calendula, sideritis, achillea, chamomile, cypress, eucalyptus, geranium, horse chestnut, lavender, louisa, mallow, olive leaves, peppermint, ruscus, sage, St John’s Wort and thyme.

Other powerful ingredients from Athos that are incorporated in our formulas for their unique properties: extra virgin green olive oil, organic wild olive oil as well as organic chestnut honey.

Our commitments are  non-negotiable. We are always trying to use natural origin ingredients and natural alternatives, with no animal ingredients except bee products.We add only natural perfumes and natural preservatives and we are and always will be against animal testing.


With ancient recipes

At Athonites we discovered the encyclopedic knowledge of the monks about the incredible properties of plants that grow and are cultivated in this pure land. So pure that over the years, these ingredients have become even stronger in their ability to protect and care for the skin. So we decided to study with our herbalists and pharmacists choosing the Athonite plants and herbs that can offer the best health and finest overall wellness. With respect to the incredible properties of the herbs and plants from Mount Athos for care and cure, we call our brand "Athonites", the herbs of this protected strip of land on Mount Athos.  Inspired by recipes from monastic manuscripts, hidden in centuries-old libraries, with the sole purpose of offering the best health, the most authentic glow and complete well-being for the face and body.

This is the natural force of  Mount Athos and this is the basis of all our formulas for the skin, face and body, which we combine with selected complementary active ingredients that enhance and support healing and protective actions and benefits. The water used in all our compositions comes from the natural springs of Athos. So we created a unique aqueous infusion from 5 certified wild harvested and organically cultivated herbs from Mount Athos, carefully selected for their powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and not only, properties that enhance the antioxidant and anti-aging action of each formula and protect the skin from oxidative stress. 

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