The "Healing" Action of Lavender Essential Oil

The "Healing" Action of Lavender Essential Oil

In a frenetic world, body, skin and spirit require resilience and strength. Leisure time is a luxury and  skin care often   takes a back seat. And when the effects of chronic ... negligence then it is rather late. 

And yet there are solutions for men and women who give a vote of confidence to natural and herbal products, to small "miracles" of Nature that cover modern skincare needs: – one of them is lavender essential oil. Famous for centuries for its healing properties, this powerful and generous elixir transcends the myth of its enchanting aroma to offer much more: a plethora of healing benefits.

Lavender essential oil has the ideal nourishing properties and deep ability to protect and rejuvenate the skin. From soothing irritation to antimicrobial action and fighting anxiety and insomnia, this natural remedy is emerging as  a game changer, encouraging us to adopt a skincare routine that is both effective and refreshingly simple.

As you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of lavender essential oil, discover how its healing effect can elevate your skincare ritual, making it an essential companion in your quest for healthier and more resilient skin. Say goodbye to conventional skincare products and unlock the secrets of Nature's most beloved gift to skin protection – lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil

Known for its healing and antiseptic properties, lavender soothes and protects against aggressive environmental factors, ensuring perfectly hydrated and healthy skin. Its sebaceous regulating action helps balance the skin's oil production. Its essential oil relieves tension and stress and removes the feeling of muscle pain, fatigue and discomfort.

One product that uses the miraculous properties of lavender essential oil is ATHONITES HYDRATING COOLING LEG GEL, a relief gel for heavy and tired feet.

Rich in natural extracts from Mount Athos and  enriched with active natural ingredients that give immediate coolness and rejuvenation.

Its light texture is quickly absorbed and offers a long-lasting hydration and coolness effect. Soothes, relieves the feet from the feeling of tiredness and discomfort, moisturizes and tones the skin. It has a natural aroma of organic lavender essential oils and refreshing mint.

  • Key ingredients: organic lavender essential oil, ruscus, vine leaves, horse chestnut, cypress 
  • Benefits: relieves, refreshes and hydrates tired, heavy legs, facilitates blood flow by enhancing microcirculation, reduces the feeling of discomfort and leaves legs soft, supple and energized 
  • Skin type: all skin types
  • Texture: fast-absorbing cooling gel
  • Fragrance: invigorating, minty fresh


  • 85.7% Natural Origin Ingredients 
  • Aqueous Infusion of 5 Certified Organic and Wild Harvested Herbs
  • Natural Aroma of Organic Lavender and Mint Essential Oils
  • Natural Preservative
  • Dermatologically Tested

Directions for use:

Apply a small amount of gel on the calves and, working upwards to mid-thighs, massage until fully absorbed. Repeat up to three times per day or as needed.

Wash hands well after use.

Avoid any contact with eyes. 


- Use after a cool-water foot bath to enhance stress relief and cooling action.

- Ideal for standing all day, long-haul travelers, sporting activities (long distance runners, cardio, hiking, cycling).


Lavender is beneficial in all its forms, both as an essential oil and as an extract such as the one contained in RESTORE AND REVITALIZE 24H MOISTURIZING FACE CREAM of the Athonites series.

It is a unique formula of organic botanical extracts and 4 powerful active ingredients.

It contains powerful organic athonite plants which are combined with peptides, vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate to offer maximum hydration. With 97.3% ingredients of natural origin and natural fragrance, this cream keeps the skin constantly hydrated, from morning to night.

The moisturizing face cream of the Athonites series restructures and rejuvenates the skin while strengthening its natural barrier and at the same time smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, enhances the radiance of the skin, leaving it comfortable and elastic.

Lavender is one of its main ingredients along with geranium, extra virgin green olive oil, rice protein peptides, etc. a. Promotes cellular reconstruction and nourishment, enhances collagen synthesis, and improves the overall appearance of the skin.

Directions for use:

Apply all over the face and neck with circular moves, morning and evening.



- For intensive moisturizing action during night use after our PROTECT AND RESCUE PRECIOUS OIL.

A unique organic body cream

The rich organic moisturizing body cream ATHONITES VITALIZE AND HYDRATE BODY CREAM leaves the skin extremely toned and hydrated. It contains 97.3% ingredients of natural origin, lavender extract, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary as well as the excellent, award-winning chestnut honey which is just one of its many powerful soothing and nourishing active ingredients.

Directions for use:

Massage all over your body morning and/or evening with firm, circular moves until fully absorbed.


-For intensive care apply to damp skin.


Look for the ideal product for you with the beneficial properties and wonderful aroma of lavender.