Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles and Unpleasant "Bags"? Eye Cream for a Brighter and Relaxed Look

Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles and Unpleasant "Bags"? Eye Cream for a Brighter and Relaxed Look

Late night for fun or just annoying insomnia, age or even heredity, stress, dehydration of the body, poor diet, medication... Whatever the cause behind the annoying dark circles that have formed under your eyes, there is always the solution. It will definitely help to get on the path of "virtue", with a good diet rich in vegetables and fruits, a lot of water, proper exercise in daylight and a full 8 hours of sleep, and even before 12 midnight. Usually, however, dark circles persist despite any good habits we adopt and are accompanied by the well-known "bags", which make the skin on the lower eyelid look swollen, accentuating the problem. 

A good start to put things in order and start dealing with the situation is to properly care for the sensitive eye area daily, morning and evening.

"Correct" means: Use the right products. In particular, compositions in which substances aimed at the disappearance of dark circles are prominent, strengthening the antioxidant defenses of the area.

The eye cream of the Athonites Skin line is an effective, safe and guaranteed solution as it is a powerful composition with organic extracts of Mount Athos herbs and hyaluronic acid of 3 different molecular weights.

The Anti Fatigue and Restore Eye Cream has an active composition, with 96.7% natural ingredients, moisturizing, soothing and rejuvenating the delicate area around your eyes improving the sensation and appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. In addition, it smoothes fine lines, improves the tone and firmness of the skin. The secret of success of the Anti-Fatigue and Restore Eye Cream is the incomparable combination of ingredients from the rich Athonite land, namely calendula and achillea, two herbs that in combination with hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients demonstrably reduce the appearance of dark circles and swellings around the eyes while improving skin tone and firmness in all skin types. 

The texture of the cream is unique and extremely light that spreads evenly to then be easily absorbed with a shocking but at the same time discreet refreshing and floral aroma. What is its comparative advantage? The 96.7% ingredients of natural origin, the pure and natural origin preservative, its natural aroma and the natural silicone alternative from olives. Everything else will be seen on your face and eyes that will shine. 

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