Facial Care Oils: The Miraculous Elixirs of Toning and Radiance

Facial Care Oils: The Miraculous Elixirs of Toning and Radiance

Facial oils are much more than just an optional and nice to have supplement to the daily beauty routine. They are the ideal basis in strengthening and replenishing the process of skin care, regardless of its type. According to the experts, oils play a leading role in the modern beauty "toolbox" as they are a popular and effective method that provides enhanced care and rejuvenation to the skin. Facial care oils such as PROTECT AND RESCUE PRECIOUS OIL FACE & NECK offer rich nourishment and hydration to the skin, while at the same time yield significant anti-aging benefits. And who doesn't want them?

The face and neck oil provides skin with the extra energy it needs to shine, healthy and beautiful in the cold winter and to acquire the elasticity it needs in the summer, under the beneficial but strong sun rays.

What is important to remember is that face oils act as a skin "barrier" but not as a moisturizer. This is because they have similar composition to lipids (natural oils and fats) that naturally exist in the skin allowing it to effectively repair and regulate its moisture barrier. Quite simply, they retain the necessary moisture in our skin!

Clinical studies prove that when an oil is applied to the skin, the "thirsty" and damaged skin responds immediately, absorbing oils as if they were naturally produced by the skin, with a rejuvenating and moisturizing effect on the epidermis. It's also important to know that all skin types can benefit from the face oil as long as it's part of the proper routine for their skin type. However, oils can really help dry skin; face oil seals moisture and prevents its loss. But that alone is not enough. Especially dry skin types will greatly benefit from applying a moisturizer afterwards to ensure that hydration penetrates the skin. 

When using facial oils, it is important to choose a high-quality, organic oil, guaranteed free of additives and preservatives.


How we apply them

Facial oils can be used alone onto dry and clean skin or can be mixed with other skincare products such as the daily moisturizer for additional hydration and nourishment. They can also be used as a facial massage oil to help promote relaxation and reduce stress.

However, when using them alone, we need to follow the below steps.

Cleansing: Start by cleansing your face using a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type. After rinsing the face thoroughly, remove residual moisture with a clean towel.

Serum application: After the face is clean and dry, apply a face serum with moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Serums usually contain concentrated active ingredients that help strengthen the epidermis. Apply the serum all over face and neck, avoiding eye area.

Apply skincare oil: Then apply a few drops of facial oil on your fingertips and gently apply it with circular moves all over your face and neck. The oil contains nutrients and antioxidants that help repair and rejuvenate the skin. It is easily absorbed leaving your skin soft and radiant.

Moisturizer application: To end your routine, apply a face moisturizer that suits your skin's needs. The moisturizer will help maintain your skin's hydration while adding an extra layer of protection.



A unique, powerful blend of 9 supercharged oils with 100 % natural origin ingredients that help boost skin's vigor and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This potent antioxidant and anti-ageing oil, rich in polyphenols, is formulated with wild olive oil, olive leaf, vine leaf along with the essential oil of helichrysum, known as "huile immortelle".

This precious formula protects against dehydration and signs of ageing thanks to the strong rejuvenating action of the botanical cocktail of plant extracts from Mount Athos.

Skin is visibly revitalized, smoothed, deeply nourished and plumped.

  • Concern: dehydration, signs of ageing, loss of vigor and elasticity, irritated skin
  • Key ingredients: wild olive oil, olive leaf, vine leaf, calendula, rosemary, helichrysum
  • Benefits: protects and restores skin’s barrier function, prevents and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity
  • Skin type: all skin types, ideal for dehydrated skin
  • Texture: silky feel, spreads easily, absorbs instantly
  • Fragrance: natural, herbaceous, earthy scent


  • 100% Natural Origin Ingredients
  • 100% Pure And Natural Origin Preservative (Cosmos Validated)
  • Natural Fragrance
  • Natural Silicone Alternative
  • Dermatologically Tested

By consistently applying this facial care routine, including rescue oil, you can enjoy an improved and rejuvenated skin. Always remember to adapt your routine to your individual needs and preferences.

At Athonites we respect the ancient local "botanical history"  and traditional recipes of the region and recognize the best ingredients in the plant kingdom of Mount Athos from which we extract key active ingredients to create skincare cosmetics with ingredients of natural origin, using technologies that respect people and our environment.  We produce very high quality pure natural extracts and oils which are subject to rigorous testing in order to ensure their stability and effectiveness.

Combined with certified, pure and rich active ingredients, we create formulas of high effectiveness.

The extraction takes place exclusively on Mount Athos using extra virgin olive oil and natural glycerin. To ensure the preservation of all the beneficial components of the herbs, the temperature of the extractors shall not exceed 70 °C.

We replace the water in our cosmetics formulations with an aqueous infusion of a unique blend of 5 Athos certified wild harvested and organic herbs, carefully selected for their powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and not only, properties that enhance the antioxidant  and anti-aging action of each formula and protect the skin from oxidative stress.

The "toolkit"  of Athonites in enhancing our cosmetics in terms of complementary ingredients is very rich: Alkana oil, arnica extract, blue centaury flower extract, Asian centaury oil, helichrysum essential oil, helichrysum flower extract, jasmine wax, menthol, methyl salicylate, niacinamide, organic aloe, organic apricot kernel oil, organic beeswax, organic eucalyptus essential oil, organic grape seed oil,  organic peppermint essential oil, organic pomegranate oil, organic sesame oil, organic shea butter, panthenol, peptides, squalene, probiotics, propolis, rosehip seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, turmeric oil, vitamin E and F, organic Jojoba oil and cinnamon essential oil.


Natural preservatives and fragrances

We choose to add natural maintenance systems to all our formulas - 2 different preservatives depending on the formula:


"Pure, Natural and Organic Ingredients"

  • In our formulas, you will find Mount Athos herbs and plants that are either organically cultivated or wild harvested. Their oily extracts are organically certified, using extra virgin olive oil as solvent.
  • We replace water with our aqueous infusion of a unique blend of 5 Athonite herbs.
  • When better for the skin or the environment, we add selected, certified and ethically sourced active cosmetic ingredients and among others biotech ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. We eliminate synthetic ingredients to best possible extent, always trying to find a natural alternative to ensure safety, stability & efficacy of the product.
  • We add only natural preservative systems: 100% pure and natural origin preservative validated by COSMOS for the oil based formulas & 99,6% natural origin for the water-based formulas.
  • We use multi-functional ingredients, such as the 100% pure and natural preservative with raspberry ketones that has proven skin benefits and improves skin biology.
  • We use only natural perfumes or essential oils (lavender, mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, helichrysum). If better for the formula, we choose not to add any, like for example in our Anti-Redness Soothing Care Cream.
  • All our foamy formulas contain mild sulfate-free detergents.
  • We offer clean formulas free from paraben, sulfates, phthalates, GMO, toxins, fillers, mineral oils, petroleum, petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, silicones, artificial colors, artificial fragrances.
  • Evaluated by aCert for using 84 to 100 % natural origin ingredients. Almost all our formulas have received both natural and organic certifications for cosmetic products.
  • All formulas are dermatologically tested and developed by leading chemists and pharmacists.
  • There is transparency in our product labeling: We indicate percentage of natural origin ingredients and extracts coming from Mount Athos or organic farming.

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